Care and Share Concerts

Monday November 28
Seniors Homes and Hospitals across the Edmonton area


Students from the Society for Talent Education had the opportunity to bring their love for music and talent into the community this November 28th.  With 8 city-wide locations on the list, students played an array of Suzuki repertoire to the fortunate audiences of Seniors Homes, extended care homes and other community sites.

SCS Gym concert

The gym of the SCS is the host to one of the Care and Share locations.  People from around the neighborhood have come to listen to the beautiful music of the STE students.  There is a lovely array of younger and older students playing the various string instruments that bring alive the music of the different classical composers.
Hosts Tosha Turner and Rod Ostad start off the program tonight with their charismatic talks and crowd participation.  Bowing to the world of music, the crowd sits and is immediately entranced to the Cello performance of Quin Roschkov playing the enchanting Eccles Sonata.

With Heather Ball as the pianist accompanist, the performance included the Clark sisters on stage together, each performing their own piece on violin, Kelsey playing Twinkle and Megan, Minuet 2.  Tristan and Alex rocked out the double bass portion with the Little Fiddle and Humoresque.

A big thanks to students, parents and the community, for making this event such a great success.

Jenn Fulford


Devonshire Care Centre Concert

Twenty-three students participated in this year’s Suzuki Care and Share concert on November 28th at the Devonshire Care Centre in Riverbend.  The students enthusiastically performed solo pieces for parents and residents and staff of the centre.  Special thanks to centre organizers and staff for facilitating this special evening.  Under the direction of Rob Hryciw, with piano accompanist, Theresa Hryciw, we enjoyed a fantastic concert including performances on the violin, viola, cello, and bass.  Many thanks to all the students for their hard work in preparing for the evening.  Your gift of music brought a smile to all and warmed our hearts this Christmas season.

deveonshire-picture-1Students participating at the Care & Share concert at Devonshire Care Centre on November 28th, 2016.


Residents and families enjoying the concert at the Devonshire Care Centre

Christina Faitakis

Pictures from other Care and Share Concerts