Administrator’s Message

Why should you become a member of STE?

1. Private and group lessons are offered as one package

-Play in an orchestra
-Experience chamber music
-Participate in Suzuki repertoire classes

Our music lesson package consists of an individual lesson and a group lesson every week.

2. Teacher Training

3. Competitive lesson fees

4. STE offers two scholarships

5. Bursaries:

6. Alberta Suzuki Summer Institute

7. Concert and performance opportunities

At STE, our motto is, “Every Child Can”. It is our mission is to provide your child with quality music education that will always stay with them. Being part of STE, your child will learn much more than just how to play an instrument. They will learn about stage presence, about sharing music with the community, how to practice diligently and overcome obstacles, and most importantly, how to play music from the heart so that it nurtures the soul.
Your child deserves it. Come and join us- a community oriented, enriched with music learning environment!
You are making a wonderful investment in your child’s future.

Nancy Sang