Jed Fisk Scholarship

The Jed Fisk Scholarship Award is in memory of Jed Delaney Patrick Fisk. Jed was born in Rocky Mountain House on February 3rd, 1975. In his first year, Jed and his parents moved to St. Paul and together they began to build a home in the country.

For three years, Jed shared his dad’s life of homesteading and building a log house while his mother taught school. Then, in 1978, his life was enriched with the arrival of his brother Jesse. As a result of his early experiences, Jed developed a curiosity for all things and his dream was to meet a great scientist.

Leisure time in the family was often spent sharing music with friends. Jed loved these evenings and afterwards, he would pick up the large violin and try to play it. When Jed was six and his brother three, they joined the Society for Talent Education. Their teacher was Wendy Grant. For the next three years, Jed and Jesse enjoyed their growing abilities on the violin.

In December, 1984, Jed was diagnosed with leukemia. Eight months later on July 18, 1985, Jed died. He was ten years old. Jed had a love for music and a deep appreciation of his fellow-man. This award is given as a memorial of his generosity of spirit.

The student that is nominated for this award will “exhibit an extraordinary amount of drive and diligent work”, not necessarily “a high degree of aptitude or talent in music.” The student that is nominated for this award must attend a Suzuki workshop or Institute with the money from this award, the following summer.

The student that is nominated for this award will have been registered with the Society for Talent Education for a minimum of three years and is limited to students in Vol. 3 or higher.