Preliminary and Novice Program

Once a student is able to play through the Twinkle Variations accurately and independently they will move to the Preliminary Level.  They will continue in this program through the first half of book 1 when they will mover to the Novice Program.

Typically students in the Preliminary and Novice Programs will have half hour private lessons, 45 minute to 1 hour group lessons and practice daily for half an hour to 45 minutes at home.  Parents are expected to attend private and group lessons with their child. In private lessons parents may gradually taper off their full playing participation in lessons and become note takers and lesson recorders.

Successful home practice involves the parent and child working together and carefully following the instructions and assignments given in the lesson. This necessitates careful accurate note taking in the lesson on the part of the parent who will be practicing at home with the child.

While much of the routine listening will still be passive, increasing amounts of active listening will become necessary as students will be expected be able to hear and imitate more musical details.

Once the student has mastered the core material of book 1 they will be ready to move to the Junior Program