Intermediate Program

Students entering the Intermediate Program will be in the early part of book 4, having just completed graduation level 2 or in the polishing stages of preparing their graduation piece. They will continue in the Intermediate Program through books 4 and 5.

The typical Intermediate student will have a 45-60 minute private lesson. Parents will be expected to attend private lessons to record the lesson assignments and ensure that daily practice of 45 minutes to an hour is effective. While much of the practice will still involve parents and student working together, students may begin to develop more independent practice skills and techniques, and the student must be starting to take ownership of the learning process.

The Intermediate student will have 60 – 90 minutes of group lesson which will involve an orchestra component and an instrument specific group class as well as some additional programming.

In addition to their developing instrumental skills, students at this level will be developing good basic music reading ability with familiar rhythms, keys and melodic patterns. Students completing this level will be expected to be able to perform music with familiar rhythms, keys and melodic patterns at sight.

Students will move to the senior program upon completion of graduation level 3, or be in the polishing stages of preparing the piece for graduation level 3.