Twinkle Grad Videos

You should be linking to this page from the email you received about Twinkle Grad. Please record your video according to the following guidelines and be sure that your teacher previews and approves it before submitting it.

Practice Tracks

Included in the Twinkle Grad email, you should have received 2 audio tracks: one was just piano accompaniment, and the other had the Twinkle melody played along with the accompaniment. Please use the audio track your child is most comfortable playing along with for making the video recording.

What should we see?

Cellos and bass Twinkle Grad videos must show the whole instrument and performer and the entire bow and bow arm.

Violin and viola Twinkle Grad videos must show the whole instrument and the the entire bow and bow arm. Since these performers will be standing it is not necessary to see the whole performer (ie: their lower legs and feet need not be included in the picture).

Practice for your Twinkle Grad!

When you are practicing the performance you will record for the Twinkle Grad, please play the audio track in the room so that both you and your child can hear how well they synchronize with the audio track. If all the performers play well in sync with the track the final compiled video will sound like everyone is playing together beautifully. Playing in sync with the track will take some practice, as the performer has to coordinate their playing with what they are hearing. At this stage of learning this is a very new skill. Practicing by playing along with the track several times every day for a week or more will help your child feel confident and record their best performance.

See the video of Twinkle Grad practice:

Then prepare for the video recording.

For the video recording, please have your child wear plug in ear buds or headphones.

On the video recording we don’t want to hear the accompaniment, only your child’s performance, otherwise the piano accompaniment sound will overwhelm the student sound when we amalgamate the videos. Plugging in the headphones or earbuds reduces the latency so that there is no delay and the recorded video will fit with the accompaniment when we do the final edit.

Earbuds and Headphones should be worn on the right ear during video recording so that the performer hears the recording in their right ear and their own instrument sound in the left. Wearing the earpiece in both ears makes it hard to hear yourself when you play.

Please have your child wear the earbuds or headphones on their right ear, and keep the left ear open so they hear the sound of their instrument. This will take some practice. Once your child is able to play along with the track in practice as above, please have them practice for at least a couple of days with the headphones or earbuds so they become comfortable with this strange feeling. If you are able to offer them the alternative of headphones or earbuds, please have your child try both to see which one is easier for them at this point.

See the video of Twinkle Grad performance::