Private lessons

Private lessons are scheduled with your private teacher. Lesson times and locations are set individually for each student/family.

“There is no born genius. Education is the way to develop ability.” – Suzuki

A parent is expected to attend the lesson with the student each week. The parent’s job is to record what happens in the lesson so that they can take the lesson activities home and reproduce them in the daily home practice.

The parent who practices with the student at home should be the one that comes to the private lesson.

Daily Home Practice

“Knowledge is not ability. Knowledge plus 10,000 times is ability.” – Suzuki

“Practice only on the days that you eat.” – Suzuki

In addition to attending and participating in private and group lessons, successful progress depends on daily effective practice at home. Just knowing how to do the exercise or play the piece is not enough. From the very beginning each small step must be practiced until it becomes easy. Each step must become strong enough to support the next. Suzuki teachers will wait until a skill can be demonstrated easily and independently before going on to the next step. Practicing every day is the way to develop this ability.

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 “Listening until we can remember is not enough, we must listen until we can’t forget” – Suzuki

The Suzuki method is also known as the Mother Tongue Method, and is based on Dr. Suzuki’s observations of how children learned their first language. One of the reasons that children are able to learn their mother tongue with ease and fluency is that they are surrounded by it from birth. They hear it being spoken all day long, every day.

The more frequently students hear and listen to the CD recording of the pieces they are learning the easier it will be for them to learn to play with ease, accuracy and expression.


“Man is the son of his environment” – Suzuki

Dr. Suzuki observed that children learn from their environment. Suzuki teachers work hard to create a supportive, positive learning environment in their teaching studios and classrooms.

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