Piano Lessons

STE offers private 1-on-1 Piano lessons for children ages 3 and older. Lesson time starts from 30 minutes, and can be customized to 40, 45, 50, and 60 mins. Lessons begin in September and run until June.

Registration with the Society for Talent Education (STE) includes

  • 38 weeks of private 1-on-1 Piano lessons
  • Suzuki group lessons (TBD)
  • 7 STE Concerts performance (Tutti Day Concert, Celebrate the Season Concert, Graduation Concert, Year-End Concert, Care and Share Concert, Solo Day Concert, Lottery Concert)
  • Special events including Masterclasses, Workshops, Community Concerts, Music Festivals and Competitions throughout the year. Read More


Students taking private lessons at STE receive:

  • Masterclasses and Workshops with visiting artists FREE
  • OrchestraChamber Group and Improvisation classes FREE
  • Solo Performance on Solo Day Concert with professional accompanist FREE
  • STE New Group Programs and Summer Programs FREE or DISCOUNTED
  • Observations of private lessons and group lessons FREE
  • Music festivals and competitions for STE Orchestra and Chamber Groups FREE
  • Musical instrument rental from STE office

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The STE Faculty is composed of highly qualified and Suzuki-trained professional musicians. The individual learning experience of each student is created in the Suzuki triangle of student, parent and teacher. Since the beginner students are as young as three years old, parental participation is essential. The parent and teacher create the learning environment in the private lesson and the parent takes that home to create the personal learning environment in the home. In the environment the love and music and the musical talent of the student is developed and nurtured. Our highly qualified music teachers will prepare your child for music festivals and Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Exams, if desired.

Abilities are developed: they are not inborn. Let us, with perseverance, search for the best ways to develop ability.



After the student completes the milestone piece of a graduation level, the private teacher enrolls the student into the Graduation Process. The graduation piece is recorded with piano accompaniment and submitted for evaluation and comments. Before the Gala Graduation Concert, your graduation comments will be returned. The student, parent and teacher read the comments together and then they try to incorporate these suggestions into the student’s playing. There will be a Graduation rehearsal before the Gala Graduation Concert. On the concert day, all of the students who graduate from a given level of a instrument will perform that piece together as a group with professional accompanist . It will be a solo performance if only one student graduates at that level. At the end of the concert, students are awarded a beautiful certificate with a ribbon, and a red rose.

Twinkle Graduation

Once a student has mastered the Twinkle Variations they are invited to participate in the Twinkle Graduation.

  • twinkle-grad-piano


  • LEVEL (TBD) 


Students are encouraged to listen to the Suzuki music pieces daily. Suzuki CDs and music books are available for purchase at STE office.


Brendan McGrath

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