Concerts and Events

Tutti Day Concert

Tutti Day Concert is the opening concert to start the year. Everyone from the teachers and most senior students to the beginners all make music together. Read more

Celebrate the Season Concert

Celebrate the Season Concert is a musical feast before winter break. Students perform in groups, chamber, orchestra, and improvisation settings to celebrate the wonderful season. Read more

Graduation Concert

We celebrate the accomplishments of students when they complete the milestone graduation levels. Students are awarded a beautiful certificate with a ribbon, and a red rose. Read more

Betty Parker Jervis Concert

The Betty Parker-Jervis Concert is held in honour of Betty Parker-Jervis who served as president of the Society for Talent Education for 19 years. It is the final group concert at the end of the year of group lessons. Read more

Community Concerts

STE is committed to creating and sharing music in the community. Through out the year we have performance opportunities in different venues like hospitals and senior homes, Heritage Festival, Farmers Markets, all kinds of community events, etc. Read more.

Solo Performance

Solo Day

Solo Days are a chance for each student in the program to take part in a concert as a soloist. Students perform a polished piece from their repertoire, typically a piece that they know very well and have been reviewing and polishing for some time. They also have the opportunity to hear the other students. These concerts all have a mix of all STE instruments, so unlike each private lesson teacher’s studio recital, solo day concerts provide the opportunity for students to hear all of the different instruments played in STE.

Lottery Concert

Lottery Concerts are a uniquely Suzuki Method type of concert. Suzuki students are expected to review all of the pieces they have played so that they develop a large repertoire of performance ready pieces. In the Lottery Concert, the student brings a hat full of pieces that they review daily, and once on stage draws the piece they will perform from their “hat”.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Stay tuned! More masterclasses are coming!

Violin Guest Masterclass with Guillaume Tardif

Tuesday, Oct 4th, 5 pm – 7 pm

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Cello Guest Masterclass with Rafael Hoekman

Tuesday, Nov 8th, 5pm-7pm

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