FAQ and questions to be answered on the website.

  1. When do lessons start and how long do they run for?
    Private lessons start in the beginning of September and run until June. Group lessons start in October and run until May.
  2. Are parents supposed to attend lessons?
    STE strongly encourages parents to attend private and group lessons with their children. During private lessons, the Suzuki triangle method is practiced, whereby the teacher, the student, and the parent are all part of the learning process. It is important for parents to help their children take notes during class, and to help them practice at home.

  3. Can I rent an instrument through the school?
    STE provides a very affordable rental service to their students and parents. Any violin or viola may be rented for $25/month, deposit is $100. Any cello may be rented for $30/month, deposit is $150. Any bass may be rented for $35/month, deposit is $150. Restringing, rehairing and repairs related to normal wear and tear are covered by STE.

  4. What are the current COVID protocols in place at STE?
    The health and safety of our members and the community is our top priority. STE follows the Alberta Health Guidelines and requires proof of vaccination for those entering the building, aged 12 and above (unless they are exempt as per the Alberta Health Guidelines).

    Masking is mandatory in the building. Class sizes are limited to small numbers in order to facilitate physical distancing. Windows are also opened during lessons to improve ventilation. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance, at the office, and in each classroom. Commonly used areas are disinfected daily. Volunteer parents are also assigned to disinfect areas between group classes.

    Please do not enter the building if you have any COVID symptoms or if you have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID.

    Students and parents who wish to attend classes online may request for a Zoom link from the office. 
  1. Does STE require volunteering from parents? 
    Registered STE families are required to have one or both parents volunteer a total of 6-8 hours per school year, per family. Volunteer tasks may include shifts at the Casino, disinfecting commonly used areas, main entrance monitoring, and various other duties. Volunteer tasks are assigned as closely as possible to the preferences stated on the registration forms. 

    In lieu of volunteering, parents may donate $250 per school year, per family. A donation receipt will be issued. 
  1. Is there a separate fee for group classes?
    STE’s lessons fees are one package and cover both private and group lessons. The fees are the same regardless of group lesson attendance.
  2. Parking at the school?
    During school hours, STE has five (5) designated parking stalls beside the STE entrance, located on 106 Ave. After school hours, St. Gabriel School’s parking lot is available for parking. 

  3. Where are you located?
    STE is located in the Southeast corner of St. Gabriel School. Our mailing address is the same. 

    Society for Talent Education
    5540 106 Ave 
    Edmonton AB T6A 1G3
  1. What are your hours of operation?
    Group classes are offered on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4:30pm-7:00pm. Private lessons are scheduled on an individual basis by the private teacher. 

    To visit the office during the day, please call or email to schedule an appointment. COVID waiver forms and daily screening checklist forms are required to be filled out at the entrance. The forms are also available online. 
  1. What events and performances have you scheduled?
    Please refer to our online program calendar for a detailed list of our concerts and events.

  2. How much does it cost to enrol?
    The registration fee for 2021-2022 is $125 per family. An additional $25 is charged for late enrolments. Lessons begin at $141 per month (30 minute lessons).

  3. Can I take private lessons only?
    Students are permitted to only take private lessons. However, STE strongly encourages both private and group lesson attendance. We believe that there are important musical skills that are learned during group lessons, but that cannot be gained from private lessons (i.e. learning to listen and play together as a group, following the conductor/leader).

  4. Can I take group lessons only?
    Regular group classes are only open to STE students. However, non-STE students may participate in the following classes for a certain fee:
    Theory (30 mins), 20 lessons = $200
    Suzuki and Dance Workshops (1 hour), 5 lessons = $100
    Improvisation (1 hour), 15 lessons + concerts = $300
    Chamber (30 mins), 20 lessons + concerts = $300
    Orchestra (1 hour), 20 lessons + concerts = $400
    Please note that our spots will be given in priority to STE students. Please contact the STE office regarding this year’s availability. 

  5. What is your cancellation and refund policy?
    Withdrawing from the program should be first discussed with your child’s private teacher and then the Music Director.  Should you choose to withdraw your child from the program, you will need to provide a 30-day written notice to the STE office. Withdrawal forms are available upon request, and must be signed by the student’s private teacher and by the STE Administrator.  If the written notice is not given, you will forfeit one month’s lesson fee. Please refer to the Conditions of Registration for more details.

  6. Is STE a registered charity?
    STE is a registered charitable organization incorporated under Alberta’s Societies Act. 

  7. How can I donate? 
    We thank you for your interest in supporting our music program. A charitable donation receipt will be issued for any donation. Cash donations may be dropped off at our office or collected in our donation boxes during our concerts and events. Electronic donations may be made through our website or sent to our email: admin@ste-suzukistrings.org. Cheque donations may be mailed to our address:

    Society for Talent Education
    5540 106 Ave 
    Edmonton AB T6A 1G3

    Please contact the STE office if you would like to establish a scholarship or a bursary fund. STE currently awards (1) the Jed Fisk Scholarship and (2) the Grazyna Sobieraj Memorial Award to STE students for outstanding achievement and dedication in music.
  1. How are donations used? 
    Donations play a vital part in supporting the operation of our Society and in helping to ensure that our lessons fees stay affordable to all families. Lessons fees and government grants are sometimes not enough to keep us afloat, especially during the difficult times of COVID, when other sources of revenue we rely on, such as casino events have been postponed across the province. This year, STE has incurred additional operating costs related to COVID. With the health and safety of our students being our top priority, STE has greatly reduced our in-person class sizes, increased our sanitation efforts and purchased new equipment for online learning.