Improvisation and Jazz Ensemble

Essential to the Suzuki approach to teaching music is the parallels drawn to language learning. Listening, imitation, and creativity are all aspects of speaking and learning a language; but so is improvisation. STE offers the unique chance for students to engage with improvised music in a myriad of ways.

In this class, led by Brendan McGrath, students will explore various styles of improvisation across a spectrum of freeness. Expect to see:

  • Free improvisation
  • Engagement with graphic scores
  • Engagement with text scores
  • Introduction to improvisation over chord tones (intro to tonal classical and jazz improvisation)
  • Adding improvised embellishments to classical repertoire
  • The opportunity for students to compose and lead improvisations
  • Recommended improvised music listening

The class will involve lots of group playing, listening, and discussion surrounding the nature of improvisation, and where we can apply it. Students could employ their improvisatory ideas at STE performances there if they wished to.

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Time: Monday 6:15-7pm

Cost: $150/term (FREE for students taking Private Lessons with STE)

Term 1 (Improvisation) – 10 lessons + Celebrate the Season Concert

Term 2 (Jazz Ensemble) – 10 lessons + Year End Concert

Instructor: Brendan McGrath

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Brendan McGrath