About STE

The Society for Talent Education – Edmonton’s Suzuki Method string program since 1965. A non-profit society offering Suzuki Method instruction in violin, viola, cello and bass, STE boasts a highly qualified faculty.

Mission Statement

The STE is a Board governed organization that provides musical development to children following the method founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Under the direction and mentorship of professional teachers and parents, in a nurturing environment, every child can develop their innate musical ability to their fullest potential.

Belief Statement

We believe that through the teaching of music, using the method developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, all children can develop sensitivity and discipline, become good citizens and fulfill their potential as human beings.

That every child will:

  • Develop to his/her fullest potential
  • Find joy in music
  • Appreciate beauty and harmony
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem
  • Enjoy learning and acquire the habit of life long learning
  • Develop a sensitivity and respect for others and for our planet
  • Contribute to peace and understanding in our world


The purpose of the Suzuki approach is to bring about the total musical development of the child as a significant and integral part of the child’s general development into adulthood. The goal of the teachers is to build a sense of community through the love of music and develop self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual commitment and respect.

The Suzuki approach aims to develop students who have learned how to do something well, and who have gained the confidence and poise which come with taking satisfaction and pleasure in the learning process itself. Technical proficiency and musical sensitivity go together to develop skilled and sensitive human beings. The child as music student is never considered apart from the child as a whole. Children nurtured by love, who are encouraged to work hard to achieve a goal, whose sensitivity to beauty is awakened and nourished, and who are encouraged and guided by adults who respect their efforts and individuality, will surely have a good start on their path to mature adulthood. Whether or not Suzuki students continue to play their instruments as adults, the experience they gain in the Suzuki environment has benefits in areas far beyond musical knowledge and skill.

The Suzuki approach is based on the premise that every child has enough innate musical ability to play major works from the standard string repertoire at a high standard if the right kind of environment is provided. Every child has the basic talent. The task of teachers and parents is to “educate that talent.” This is the reason Dr. Suzuki called the movement he founded in Japan in the 1940’s the “Talent Education Movement”.

Supplementary Study Options

About a third of our elementary school age students attend the Suzuki Charter School. SCS offers 3 half hour instrumental music classes per week. These classes can be a very good supplement to STE private lessons, group lessons and the required home practice.

A number of our upper intermediate and senior students participate in the Edmonton Youth Orchestra. This can add another dimension to students who want an additional challenge outside the senior level programming we offer.