Suzuki and Improvisation

A and B groups are based on the age of participant, as it is a social and fun class. Group A – 5 to 11 y.o., Group B – 12 to 18 y.o. Group A is on Tuesday at 4:30 pm, Group B is on Tuesday at 5:30 pm.

Course description: This course is focused on creatively developing musicality through the study of improvisation, it’s techniques and idioms. Throughout the course we will be exploring the capacity of our instruments’ range and timbre, strengthening our sense of time and space, and being mindful of the relationship our sounds have to each other and the role we play as improvisers whether we play alone or in a group. These concepts – as well as key Suzuki concepts of sound and musicality – will be covered through excessive experimentation, group-led musical/sound games, written/”composed” music or otherwise indeterminate music, audio/visual examples, and sharing/performing for peers.

Instructor – Conrad Sobieraj