STE Timeline – 50 years of STE

STE History Timeline 1964/1965 to 2014/15

50 Years of Suzuki method instruction in Edmonton

STE Timeline

STE Timeline
01 Sep, 1980

Various events

1980 – 45 STE students toured Northern Alberta to celebrate Alberta’s 75th Anniversary and to recognize Florie Shaw, a generous benefactor of STE.
Fall – STE started a viola program under the direction of Prof. Michael Bowie.
– Cherie Larson and Victoria Clarke started in the teacher training program as teacher trainees

01 Jan, 1981

New Staffs

1981 – Rob Hryciw began as volunteer Program Co-ordinator. Cynthia Musa and Wendy Grant joined the violin teaching staff and started the teacher training program.

01 Jan, 1982

6th Suzuki International Conference

1982 – STE commissions Violet Archer to compose Miniatures for violin and piano to be performed at the 6th Suzuki International Conference to be held in Matsumoto Japan.
A group of 18 students, 15 parents and 9 teachers from STE attended the 6th Suzuki International Conference in Matsumoto, Japan, and also toured Tokyo, Kyoto and Korea. While there a proposal was submitted to host the 7th Suzuki International Conference in Edmonton. Parents and teachers also observed Suzuki kindergartens in Japan and Korea with the idea of someday starting one in Edmonton.

01 Jan, 1984

New Location

1984 – moved location to King Edward School, affectionately known as “our castle”.

01 Jan, 1985

7th Suzuki International Conference

Sept 1985-86 – STE hosts the 7th Suzuki International Conference attended by Dr. and Mrs. Suzuki and 1700 teachers, parents and students from Canada, the US, Europe and Japan.
– Holly Maccagno becomes the first administrator of STE after serving for several years on the board.
– STE establishes a Suzuki Kindergarten modelled on what had been observed in Japan and Korea. It began with 18 students and 2 teachers

01 Jan, 1986

Jed Fisk Scholarship

1986 – Jed Fisk Scholarship Fund established in memory of Jed Fisk, a young STE student who died of leukaemia in 1985. This scholarship is awarded biannually to a students “who exhibit an extraordinary love of music and pursue this passion diligently”. The first scholarship was awarded in May 1987.
– double bass program was introduced under the guidance of Ioan Tetel.

01 Jan, 1987

Sympony for Kid’s Concert

1987 – STE students perform with Edmonton Symphony Orchestra on a “Symphony for Kid’s” concert
– Sanford Reuning came from Ithaca, New York, to present a workshop for STE students and teachers

01 Jun, 1987

Betty Parker-Jervis

June 1987 – Betty Parker-Jervis steps down from the board of STE. She is STE’s longest running president and successfully held STE to the core principles of Suzuki education through the many changes that ensued during her tenure.

01 Jul, 1987

Summer Suzuki Institute

Summer 1987 – STE and the U of A Music Department sponsored the first Summer Suzuki Institute. It was attended by 100 violin, viola and cello students and teacher trainees.

01 Sep, 1988

Adult Violin Class

Fall 1988 – adult violin classes were introduced and taught by Cynthia Musa

01 Jul, 1989

2nd Suzuki Summer Institute

Summer 1989 – a 2nd successful Suzuki Summer Institute is held at the University of Alberta

06 May, 1990

25th Anniversary Concert

May 6, 1990 – STE held our 25th Anniversary Concert at the Red Barn.

01 Oct, 1990


October 1990 – Mr. John Kim retired from teaching with STE.
– Viola workshop for STE students and teachers with William Preucil from Iowa

01 May, 1991

Violin Masterclasses

May 1991 – Violin masterclasses for STE students with Bill Starr, a pioneer in the Suzuki world from Boulder, Colorado.

01 Sep, 1991

New Artistic Director

Sept. 1991 – Elizabeth Jones Cherwick appointed as Artistic Director of STE
– formalized beginner process implemented with interviews, mandatory observations and parent sessions

01 Oct, 1992

Cello Workshop

October 1992 – cellos teachers workshop with cellist, Jean Dexter

01 Jul, 1993

Gala Graduation and Fiddlers Workshop

1993 – Gala Graduation program is implemented patterned after the Japanese Talent Education program started by Dr. Suzuki
summer 1993 – STE moves to 7211-96A Ave. Formerly the St. Bernard Catholic School.
– Fiddlers Workshop held for the first time

01 Sep, 1994

New STE Administrator

September 1994 – Loretta Isaac appointed STE Administrator

01 Mar, 1995

30th Anniversary Concert and Benefit Concert

1995 – STE 30th Anniversary Concert at Convocation Hall with a reception at the Power Plant
March 1995 – STE violin students perform Turkey in the Straw with renowned children’s performer Paul Hann at a benefit concert

01 Jul, 1996

New co-directors

Summer 1996 – Summer Institute 1996 – Rob Hryciw, Cherie Larson and Loretta Isaac co-directors