STE Timeline – 50 years of STE

STE History Timeline 1964/1965 to 2014/15

50 Years of Suzuki method instruction in Edmonton

STE Timeline

STE Timeline
01 Jul, 1997

1997 Events

Summer 1997 – Society for Talent Education and Suzuki Charter School become two independent organization each with their own parent board
– Heather Christison hired as Administrator of the Society for Talent Education and for the Suzuki Charter School and Cherie Larson was hired as the Music Director of both organizations

1997 – Solo Day recitals were incorporated into the Monday night group class program of STE. These are informal student solo recitals held as part of the regular group class program
– Diana Nuttall hired as Institute Director for the Alberta Summer Suzuki Institute (ASSI)
February 1998 – Daphne Hughes workshop with STE teachers and Holiday Sharing Concerts. Each group class presented a polished piece to the other groups

01 Apr, 1998

Dr. Suzuki memorial service

April 1998 – Dr. Suzuki memorial service held. Beth Cherwick and Diana Nuttall gave insightful addresses, as both studied with Dr. Suzuki in Japan.

01 Jul, 1998

Chamber Music Program

summer 1998 – ASSI – first Chamber Music Program for advanced students was introduced

01 Oct, 1998

Suzuki Centennial Celebration

October 1998 – Suzuki Centennial Celebration – worldwide concerts were held celebrating Dr. Suzuki’s 100th birthday

01 Jan, 1999

Workshop and Rehearsals

January 1999 – Edmund Sprunger came to do workshops for STE parents, teachers and students. Thomas Rolston came from Banff to lead students in orchestra rehearsals through the weekend

01 Feb, 1999

New Administrator

February 1999 – Jennifer Andel became the administrator of STE

01 Jul, 1999

Concert and Fiddler’s Workshop

1999 – Lottery Concerts introduced to the STE Monday night group program. In these concerts students would bring a hat/bag full of their recent pieces and pick one at random from the hat/bag and perform it
summer 1999 – 4th Fiddler’s Workshop held with performances at Capilano Mall

01 Sep, 2000


September 2000 – quartets for senior students were added as part of the senior student Monday night group program

01 May, 2000

National Suzuki Youth Orchestra

May 2000 – 2 students accepted into the National Suzuki Youth Orchestra as part of the 9th SAA Conference (Marcus Becker, cello and Sarah Frank, violin)

01 Jul, 2000


summer 2000 – ASSI – Canadian Music theme – each group class performed a piece by a Canadian composer

01 May, 2001

National Missing Children’s Day Concert

May 2001 – STE Violas feature in the National Missing Children’s Day in Canada concert

01 May, 2002

National Suzuki Youth Orchestra

May 2002 – STE violinist Shalan Strelau plays with the National Suzuki Youth Orchestra at the 10th SAA Conference

01 Jul, 2002


summer 2002 – ASSI – theme – improvisation

01 Sep, 2002


September 2002 – ArtStart is created – Suzuki violin and viola teacher volunteer time to teach underprivileged inner city children violin and viola in private and group lessons

01 Feb, 2003

Suzuki Triangle talks

February 2003 – Suzuki Triangle talks – parent, student, teacher interview week is introduced

01 May, 2003

international missing children’s event

May 2003 – STE violas perform for Child Find – international missing children’s event

01 Jul, 2004


summer 2004 – ASSI – ASSI and the Montreal Suzuki Institute receive a grant from SEVEK to allow a senior student exchange between institutes – senior students spend one week in Edmonton at ASSI then the following week in Montreal at the Suzuki Institute there

01 Sep, 2005

Students and Teachers

September 2005 – STE has an enrolment of 250 students and a faculty of 20 teachers

01 May, 2005

Celebratory concert

May 2005 – STE teachers and alumni gather to form an orchestra under the direction of Thomas Rolston. The orchestra performs and accompanies the current STE students in a celebratory concert at the Winspear Centre for Music to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of STE. This event is shared by the Piano School (celebrating their 25th Anniversary and the Suzuki Charter School (celebrating their 10th Anniversary)

01 Jul, 2005

7th Fiddlers workshop

summer 2005 – 7th Fiddlers workshop – final concert at the Edmonton Fringe Festival