Highlights of the Second Decade (1975-1985)

1975: Group Lessons were held at D.S. MacKenzie School.  During this time, the first graduation of the Society’s students took place.  It was a time to encourage 36 of the more advanced students to pursuer musical studies outside of the 10 books of the Suzuki repertoire  Society for Talent Education graduates can be found in Bachelor of Music Programmes in Universities, the Edmonton Youth Orchestras, teaching in Public Schools, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and many orchestras across the world including the London Symphony Orchestra, Zurich Orchestra, St. Paul Chamber Players, Toronto/Vancouver/Calgary/Montreal Symphony Orchestras, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and several quartets and other ensembles.

Betty Parker-Jervis began her residency-presidency on the Board of Directors. She began in 1973 as treasurer and served on the board until 1988. Mary Beausart acted as Secretary and Marshall Luchkow served as Treasurer for several years.  Betty was one of the key ingredients in the continued success and development of the Society for Talent Education for many years.  The Suzuki Charter School has named their annual writing composium after her and the Society for Talent Education has named their spring concert in her honour.
In 1975-76, the Society for Talent Education moved to Queen Alexandria School.  Mitsuru Sato from Japan joined the cello teaching section.

In June 1977, an International Workshop took place in Edmonton attended by Dr. Suzuki, his wife and over 300 Talent Education families and teachers from Western Canada.
In 1988-78, a three year in-house teacher training programme was set up within STE. The first trainees to study with Yoko (Okie) Wong were Rob Hryciw and Kathy Adams.

In 1979, the International Year of the Child, the Society commissioned Allan Bell to compose 12 solos and duets for violin and cello entitled Encounters, which premiered in Spring 1980.

In 1980, to celebrate Alberta’s 75th Anniversary, 45 STE students toured Northern Alberta to honour Florie Shaw, a generous benefactor of Talent Education.

In the fall of 1980 a viola section was established with Professor Michael Bowie as head viola teacher. Cherie Larson and Victoria Clarke began as teacher-trainees.

Beginning in 1981, Rob Hryciw acted as the volunteer Programme Co-ordinator. Cynthia Musa and Wendy Grant joined the violin teaching staff and began the teacher training programme.

In 1982 we received word that our students would perform at the 193 International Conference. Violet Archer was commissioned to write Minatures for violin and piano.

June 1983 – a benefit concert was held at the Shoctor Theatre at the Citadel in Edmonton.

In 1983 a group of 18  students, 15 parents, 9 teachers, Alan Bell, Shauna and Isobel Rolston were fortunate enough to attend the 6th Suzuki International Conference in Matsumoto Japan. We toured Tokyo, Kyoto and Korea, thanks to Kim Hongyol. During the tour, close observation was made of successful Suzuki kindergartens in Japan and Korea with the hope and intent of one day starting our own Suzuki kindergarten. In addition, while attending this conference, Betty Parker-Jervis submitted a proposal, which was approved, for Edmonton to host the 7th Suzuki International Conference in 1985.

June 1984 – STE held their Spring Concert and Strawberry Tea at the Devonian Gardens.

In 1984 we changed locations to the King Edward School, known affectionately as “our Castle”. 1984 and the first half of 1985 were spent preparing for the 7th International Conference. Holly Maccagno started as administrator at this time and proved invaluable in the conference preparations.