Alberta Summer Suzuki Institute (ASSI)

Society for Talent Education is a life-long sponsor of Alberta Summer Suzuki Institute (also known as ASSI). This means that STE runs Alberta Summer Suzuki Institute. However, it is a part of global Suzuki Summer Institutes. Usually, Suzuki Summer Institutes consists of two components – Teacher Training and Student Institute. We are inviting local and international artists and instructors to teach at ASSI.

Teacher Training is for all hard-working and self-reflective Suzuki teachers. Our STE teachers take professional development Suzuki Teacher Training classes every summer, that is why they are able to provide high-quality instructions for your children.

Student Institute is for our students! It is usually 5-7 days in length and consists of Core Suzuki Classes (Technique, Group, and Masterclass) and other music classes. You can learn more about ASSI 2022 here!