Workshop with Josephine van Lier

Exciting News! On Monday, 25th of April we are going to have workshop with accomplished and sought after cellist Josephine van Lier. Workshop will take place at the regular group class time slots instead of group classes. However, your group class teachers will be there to help students if needed. 

Workshop #1 – Room 5 – 4:30-5:30. For whom? Cello A, B, Violin A, Violin B, Bass A
Workshop #2 – Room 5 – 5:30-6:30. For whom? Cello D, Bass B 

Guitar students may attend as well. 

The topic of the workshop will be Baroque music since Josephine van Lier holds unique expertise on the subject. You can learn more about her here!

A versatile musician and educator, Josephine van Lier is equally at ease on a historic instruments – such as baroque cello, a 5 string violoncello piccolo, a 7 string bass viola da gamba, a violone or a tenor or treble gamba –  as on their contemporary counterparts, using instruments and bows whose designs, construction and material span over 400 years in origin; from her 1725 baroque cello, to her 1870 modern cello and the space-age material of her carbon-fibre cello, from gut strings on her historic instruments, to steel strings on the modern ones. She therefore covers a wide variety of repertoire utilizing the endless possibilities that this range of instruments, string set-ups and bows allow her.