Bravo STE @ BPJ Concert

Congratulations on a successful BPJ Concert! On May 1st, our students made beautiful music, while listening to each other, communicating through music, generously sharing their talent and musicality. The choice of folk songs was excellent, what a treat to hear Ukrainian Dubo Tanets, Arkansas Traveler – American Fiddle Tune, French Les Frères Jacques, and Chinese Wa-ha-ha. The growth of students from Chamber Music Class is astonishing! Some very complicated and rare repertoire, including Mozart Minuet and Trio, String Trio by Alencar, Scherzando by Pester, and Trio by Matz.

Improvisation Class truly surprised us with their creativity, expressivity and conducting skills! We finished with STE Orchestra, who performed Breakbeat by Doug Spata and Minuet by Beethoven. It was delightful to hear all of our students progress so much!